Joseph Sweeney


University of Connecticut School of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering)
Honors: summa cum laude (Cumulative GPA: 3.94/4.00)


Google Software Engineer January 2019-Present
Implemented complex server side software to accomplish a variety of tasks such as aggregating statistics and sending automated emails. Designed and implemented data ingestion pipeline to merge multiple data sources.
Technical Environment: C++, Javascript
Mentor Collective Software Engineer June 2018-December 2018
Designed and implemented a dependency free UI library for featureful surveys to remove a third party dependency and data liability. Routinely isolated and solved bugs to improve code quality and improve the user experience.
Technical Environment: JavaScript, Ruby, Rails
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Software Development Intern Summer 2017
Designed, implemented, and tested a custom version controlled database to enable retrieval of data from any point in time. Collaboratively refined an API to implement a reliable and functional web service.
Technical Environment: Python, Flask, Git
UConn CORE Lab Software Developer August 2016-May 2018
Implemented features from a specification to improve web site UI and UX. Fixed and extended an implementation of a probabilistic algorithm to find distal motifs in protein sequences.
Technical Environment: Go, JavaScript, React, MobX, Webpack, PHP, Laravel
The Mitre Corporation Software Development Intern Summer 2016
Developed and implemented algorithms to meet design goals of a responsive web application used by the Air Force. Collaborated with a team of six other interns to successfully develop a functional software product.
Technical Environment: JavaScript, D3.js, AngularJS


VersionDB - GitHub
This is a versioned database written in C to solidify my knowledge of systems programming. It includes a multithreaded server architecture, that is able to store data and retrieve any version of that data. Originally started as a Python library that used Git to manage versioned data for an internship at NASA JPL.
Delaunay Triangulation in Arbitrary Dimensions - GitHub
For a computational geometry class, I completed a group project where we implemented an easy to use Python library that can compute the Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagram of any given point set. I specifically contributed implementations of geometric alglorithms that are generalized to work in any dimension.
Interactive Geometric Markup Language - GitHub, Euclid's Elements, Book 1
For my senior design project, I built the front end visualization and interactive interface for a geometric markup language. We then used this to create interactive visualizations to the first book of Euclid's Elements. All rendering is done with WebGL in JavaScript with no dependencies.
Checkers AI - GitHub
I worked in a team of four people to build a checkers AI in Java. We used an alpha-beta pruned minimax search, with an evaluation function that learned weights using least squares regression.
Pong AI - GitHub
I worked on an extra project independently where I built an AI that plays pong in JavaScript. This AI used simulated annealing (a probabilistic search) to find an effective policy for its actions based off the current state of the game.
Research in Stochastic Processes
I explored applications of the the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm to find solutions to NP hard problems. From this research, I learned the chosen problem (two-sided matching with couples) already had an approximation algorithm that found matches quicker than the probabilistic search was able to.


Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Java, Standard ML, Smalltalk
Frameworks/Libraries: React, D3.js, Flask, Rails
Experience working on an Agile development team.
Git version control and Unix experience